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Automate Your Business Processes to Accelerate Your Company’s Growth

Improve your business management with the help of a Custom Software Development.

When do you need a Software Development?

We are honest. Not all companies require this service. You can know when you need it if your business shows the following signs of attention:

There is an issue in your company that is costing a lot of money.

There is a process in your business that can improve and get a benefit in your managament.

The timing to solve a customer problem is too slow.

There is a key person in your business and it does not let your company grow.

You have not found a tool that helps you to solve a particular problem.

The turn over of the information is too slow, and it is required to get agile.

You want to grow your company but you don’t have all your processes automated for it.

The software your have been using  is no longer enough to get accurate information.

You need something better than an old fashioned system to have everything under control.

If you felt identified with the previous information, how can we help your company?

Managing your company with software will make your business processes more efficient. An investment that will result in great benefits.

Notable reduction of costs and times.

Get the data for a good decision making.

Appreciable optimization of your production.

Wide generation of new business markets.

Generation of new commercialization channels.

How do we do it?

Through a Minimum Viable Product and an Incremental Development Process.

1. Project Idea Validation.

The first and most important step is to know if the implementation of a computer system will solve your company’s problem.

Many times the real flaw is the lack of business processes and control. Although the system to be developed can help the process to be automated, it will not solve the problem of lack of processes.

Then, it is convenient to validate the cost benefit of the project. We strongly recommend taking into account how much is costing the problem you are trying to solve, and what will be your return on investment from the software that is going to be developed, to determine if it will be the correct solution .

If the development were greater than the return on investment, it is good to reconsider if custom software is necessary, because there is a possibility that a packaged one is cheaper and the right option for you.

2. Features Planning.

At this point we are already convinced of the project viability. We proceed to define the users of the system and what features needs each of them so that, on our side, we can really size all the effort needed to make the project actually.

For its part, the client provides all his experience and knowledge of the business, and explains the problems that the company currently presents.

This information helps us to develop, based on our 20 years of experience, possible solutions to co-create with the client. A map of how users would operate the system to be carried out, which will help them solve the business problem.

3. An MVP Planning.

Every software project has its Minimum Viable Product, which is a minimum set of users and functionalities necessary to solve the company’s problem.

The idea is to obtain the highest possible business value with the least investment and validate as soon as possible the business assumptions with which the software is being built.

4. MVP Development.

Once we have determined the Minimum Viable Product, the amount of effort needed to make it happen needs to be defined.

You should never plan a Minimum Viable Product that lasts more than 3 months of construction, because the ideal time to carry it out should be 1 month, from the beginning of the development until the users begin to use the software productively.

In our experience, the MVP is ready in an average of 2 months.

5. Production & Maturation.

In this phase, all efforts for information loading, training, information migration, production support, user over-efforts, etc. should be contemplated.

Depending on the number of users, it is considered a production support team that meets the needs of training and support for all users of the system.

During its analysis, we try to understand the client’s business as well as possible to combine it with our experience in technology.

6. MVP Incremental Development.

Since the Minimum Viable Product is in production, the true functionalities and needs that the system must have in order to carry out the productive management of the business, arise.

Through short iterations of 15 days, we plan the new functionalities that we want to add to the system. They will be gradually developed until the client feels satisfied with their custom software.

What to consider before making a custom business management software?

Please, consider the following important details.

Infrastructure Costs.

Cloud servers hosting.

Monitoring tools.

Messaging tools.

Administration of cloud servers.

Support and Maintenance Costs.

Staff in charge of production support.

Technical support staff.

Training of new staff.

Management and administration of users and system catalogs.

Software Development Costs.

The customer pays for delivered functionality as requested.

Our Experience

The result we deliver to our clients is reflected financially and organizationally in their companies.

"From the first meetings with Agavesoft, I felt in the hands of professionals."

thumb_01_60_60Deisy Vázquez

Maya Solutions CEO

Vail, Colorado, USA

I have been in charge of repetitive tasks in my vacation property cleaning business for seven years. Over time, I had the idea of ​​software that automates both administrative and operational activities to address other aspects of the business and free up some time for my family.

From the first conversations with Agavesoft, I felt in the hands of professionals. They dedicated themselves to analyze in detail the operation of my company. I realized that they had very valuable suggestions and that demonstrated their experience in software development.

I thought that programming took a long time to develop a project but I was surprised that they can develop functionalities in periods of 15 days. They have always met the delivery dates. Since the software went up to production, maintenance, correction or technical support needs receive immediate attention.

Agavesoft services have been within my budget’s reach and are not limited to software development. I know that when the time comes, they can help me with graphic design, corporate image, digital marketing, software marketing, etc.

The journey from the initial idea, the planning and the execution of the software has been a very positive and satisfying experience for me, especially considering that I am in another country and my communication with them is via telephone and email.

"The great customer service they offer distinguishes them from most companies in their field."

thumb_01_60_60Enrique Marín

Pyrolac Owner

Mexito City

The experience with Agavesoft was totally satisfactory. At all times they focused on identifying our needs and adapting to them, in addition to our deadlines, as much as possible.

What we value most in the entire process of creating our operating platform, as well as subsequent maintenance, is the great customer service they offer, something that distinguishes them from most companies in their field.

Agavesoft cares about its customers and transmits it in each management or new need we have requested.

"They not only program web templates, but also advise, develop and it works!"

thumb_01_60_60Albert Gutiérrez

Maven CEO

Querétaro, México

Agavesoft is a very interesting company to develop online projects. They listened to our business plan, gave us their point of view based on their experience, and from there we rethink the project.

The essential thing about Agavesoft is that they contribute their grain of sand to the project. They are not limited to programming templates. They advise, develop and it also works! The result of the development has been better than expected.

For me, they are a company with characteristics that make it unique and indispensable. They shine for their great professionalism and creativity in programming, design and communication. But I would especially like to highlight the proximity and complicity treatment with its clients, making your problems theirs and obtaining very good results.

"I participated in their services to help my company grow and optimize its systematic process."

thumb_01_60_60Abel Esteban

CEO, Impuestos Seguros

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Working with Agavesoft has been a wholly uplifting and mind-opening experience to the possibilities that many times are in front of you. And many times, we are not able to see them.

Excellent customer service and, more importantly, I was able to live and participate in their services to help my company grow and optimize the systematic process. They have an outstanding team. With the times that are coming in our economy to position ourselves digitally never was more important than now.

Agavesoft provided me the tools and support that I need to offer better services and save a lot on time, money, and headaches. Thank you for your professional help and friendship.

Do you have a Project in Mind?

Send us the details such as the scope or challenges you would like to solve. Our team will study it in order to plan the next step together.

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